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There are two types of people, depending on how they feel about sales.
Some are the ones who want to make their own sales and get the best of it.
Others are the ones who trust the sales activity in our hands so that you can only deal with your own interests.
Regardless of which you are, we are useful to you.

To make it easier for you to choose a service to raise your sales, choose the side that will call you more.

Sell it yourself!

Choose a service from here if you want to deal with the sale yourself, but feel you need to help yourself and/or your team to the next level.

If you would like to see changes on the first day, choose unique Sales Training!
However, if you feel that you need only new ideas and ideas, you will find a wide selection of different training topics under training. 

Sales trainings
During sales training you will learn to lead theories into practice and develop skills for your life!
Come on, let's train you to the salesman!
Sales Training
Among our trainings you can find goals, change habits, motivation, cloting up skills, reasoning, scheduling, etc. that you might need!

Sellutions sells!

Don't bother with your head selling anymore. Choose a service from here if you want us to take full or partial delivery of your sales process. 

We are ready to assist you with the sale on the phone, shopping centers/fairs, as well as door-to-back format.
We will highlight a brief description of each service so you will find the service you need!

A sale just a phone call away! Lets tranform your calls into sales!
Let us show you what it means for a professional telemarketing!
Sales in shopping malls
If you are looking for sales centers/trade fairs, who, in addition to a beautiful smile, can fulfill (and exceed) your company's sales goals, you have come to the right place!
Door Sales
This service suits you if you need sales to a specific region, and F2F sales at the shopping mall have not been effective yet.


We have come into contact with thousands of different objections and we dare to argue that none of them is insurable.

We challenge you – you want to see if we can change our words into action too?
Contact us and bring out the 2 main objections that you have been in trouble selling.
If we can solve them, we've proven that you need the help of Sellutions!

You still haven't contacted?

Perhaps with the following, we can motivate you to act faster 😉

Read what our customers think of us...

Paavo Heil-Brandem Baltic LLC, Kinnisvara 24, real estate environment
Paavo Heil
Real Estate Environment OÜ (Kinnisvara24.ee)-CEO (former)
Brandem Baltic LLC-Partner

The greatest value of Hansu is that he trains salespeople in real life, not so-called "training." There's a salesman sitting at a desk in a closed room, one calling a real client, making real sales, and the other is appreciative and improving the current process. Additionally, after the call, the immediate and instant speech analysis and corrections will be made to the next call. This method is highly effective, extremely disciplined and productive. If a person has a mission and skill, Hans will make it a useful sales skill for the company. The only "negative" aspect of this service is that some salesmen will have a dependency on this services! 😊

Sales agency, sales agency, sales, sales, Sellutions, Sellutions LTD, sales, sales, Sirli Seliov, Tele2 Eesti as, customer service director of Tele2 Eesti AS
Sirli Seliov Photos
Tele2 Eesti AS
Customer Service Director

A team perfectly suited to our strategic approach – high-quality service and sales where people are being interacting with the client, not robots. A big plus is that it means how it can be better and is being dealt with in a consistent way with the development of their people.

Alvin Kobin-Sena Hooldus LLC
Alvin Kobin Photos
Sena Hooldus LLC-

More than a sales agency! -the slogan is in place!
We are engaged in the provision of cleaning and maintenance services to business clients in Harju County, where competition is very dense. From Sellutions Oü, the telephone sales service, our client base has increased exponentially, and the meeting with the client always took us with open and joyfully opposed, which means that the previous sales were made proffesionally. With the sales service only, our cooperation was not limited because the goal is high, we also passed sales training to improve our performance. The training was carried out by the CEO of Sellution and by the leader of Hans Elias himself. His approach to the customer is impressive and quickly finds a solution on how to sell your service or product. I warmly recommend their service if you want to accelerate the growth of your business and increase your customer base.

Sales agency, sales agency, sales, sales, Sellutions, Sellutions LTD, sales, sales, Holika Holika Baltic OÜ, Fred Luhamaa, Holikaholika, #holikaholika,
Fred Luhamaa
Nordic Beauty LLC

Our sales people are sincere thanks for the excellent sales training! The training was professional, well-built and trainer Hans was in the top of his area! Thanks for the next routine!

Sales agency, sales agency, sales, sales, Sellutions, Sellutions LTD, sales, sales, Rivo Reinsalu, Inhouse Partners OÜ, IHP
Rivo Reinsalu Photos
Inhouse Partners LLC
District Manager

"One little Estonia in the giant marketing solutions of your mecca!"

Parda 4, Tallinn 10151, Estonia